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    Inscriere in Guild



    Inscriere in Guild

    Post  Maxy on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:04 pm

    Prenume: Stelian
    Oras: Bucuresti
    Varsta: 21 ani
    Nume caracter: Maxi
    Rasa: Night Elf
    Factiune: Alianta
    Meserii: JW
    Clasa: Druid - Heal, DPS, Off-tank
    Level: 80
    Hobby: Muzica, Filmele la cinema, Excursii.
    Clasa Preferata: Rogue (din pacate odata cu WOTLK nu mi-a placut in primele patch-uri)
    Mode de joc: PVE si PVP(daca am cu cine)
    Motiv: Am asjuns sa iau aceasta decizie in urma insistentei lui Andrei si Mariei ( Mdfkr si Rueowyn ). Cunosc cativa de pe echonet din guild ( aveam o gnomita rug - Maxym ).

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    Re: Inscriere in Guild

    Post  Ash on Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:34 pm

    imi dai un wisp in game , sa`ti dau inv . Cerere acceptata . Esti ultimul venit in guilda asta , datorita faptului ca de acum , orice inscriere este inchisa. felicitari.


    I want too to change the destiny of a few who consider themself immortal and unreachable. I`m here to deny the thoughts of peace and tranquility from their heads .I`m a rogue , i`ll always will be , there is no escape from me , u can't hide , i can. Sleep well , u will enjoy the silence. The never ending one...This is what i know better to do. What i know is what i am.

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