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    And this is the application in english.


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    And this is the application in english.

    Post  Ash on Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:04 pm

    U want to join our Guild ? Say something about u , Echonet Characters or Spidernet Characters that u have , tell us your level , ur job aka inscription/herbalistic , what your spec are or what do u wish to be when u will be 80 , aka tank , healer , etc , and a personal oppinion why do u want to join us.

    Ur oppinion is counting for us , show us that u care , and we will treat u with the same respect.

    This is an example of what a sign in membership looks like:

    Name : Clara
    City : Drobeta Turnu Severin
    Country : Romania
    Age : 24 ani
    Character Name : Ash ( Criss )
    Race : human
    Alliance / Horde : Alianta
    Jobs : enchant / Jewelcraft
    Class : Rogue ( Ash ) , Paladin ( criss - Phoenix ) ( if you have other character , please write them down , included the guild that the other character are in. )
    Level : 80
    hobby : music , movies.
    Preffered Class spec : rogue/assasination 41-5-25
    Game Play : PVP , from time to time PVE
    Motiv : I'd like to join this guild because i want to make heroic instances every day , and bgs with the guild. ( ex )
    Ppl in our guild that u know , that can give a good word for u ? : ( ex ) Whiplash , Reddline , Sloth


    I want too to change the destiny of a few who consider themself immortal and unreachable. I`m here to deny the thoughts of peace and tranquility from their heads .I`m a rogue , i`ll always will be , there is no escape from me , u can't hide , i can. Sleep well , u will enjoy the silence. The never ending one...This is what i know better to do. What i know is what i am.

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